Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (SLCCIA)?

Formed in 1961 by community business leaders, the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (SLCCIA) is a not-for-profit business association, sustained by volunteer efforts.

Who can join the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture?

Membership is open to all who want to do business in Sierra Leone; this includes businesses located outside of Sierra Leone. Currently, the membership includes voluntary association of businessmen and women of all nationalities carrying on business in the country and who wish to become members..

What is the make-up of SLCCIA membership?

Membership of the Chamber is opened to all registered merchants, bankers, insurers, industrial, corporate, manufacturers, home-based business and the service sectors, trading associations and other professional bodies being principals or agents interested in the trade.

Who funds the activities of SLCCIA?

The membership funds the Chamber with a combination of membership dues and other income-producing activities; the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is not funded by any Government funds.

Who runs SLCCIA?

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is run by the members, and answer only to its members. According to the M&A, the Chamber is governed by Council Members who establishes direction, set policy and determines activities. Council Members are elected from and by the membership and are all volunteers. The Council Members, in turn, elect a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, and Treasurer.
The day-to-day operation of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture is handled by a Chief Executive Officer.

What does SLCCIA do?

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture exist to support our members in ways they couldn’t accomplish on their own. The Chamber activity is designed to promote economic interests of its members and help them, according to the requirements of a competitive market economy. Through the support of our members, we work with the mission to strengthen the economy and quality of life in Sierra Leone through economic development, the creation of a positive business climate, business assistance and leadership.

The Chamber helps to make the business community aware of activities, services, and businesses available in order to help stimulate the national economy and enhance, support and promote the prosperity of its member businesses. We do this by:

  • Maintaining a staff to answer inquiries and send out free information on business opportunities.
  • Helping to maintain and promote a positive business environment image.
  • Encouraging the public to use local products and services (e.g. Made in Sierra Leone).
  • Creating business activities and opportunities; and
  • Nurturing new business members

How do I join the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture?

It’s easy for businesses, chambers, or associations to join the Chamber. Simply fill out the online application, or call our membership hotline at+232 80 102 030 (SLCCIA Helpline)

What does the Chamber think?

The Chamber is the voice of local business and from time to time will take a stance on a particular topic to represent our membership. Learn more about topical issues and Advocacy in our Library.

What does the Chamber of Commerce and Industry do for its member companies?

  • The fact is: every company benefits from the work of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – directly or indirectly and often without knowing it. Example: when the Chamber of Commerce and Industry helps to ensure that electricity, public transport in the city center is improved; this is good for everyone who has a business there. Or: with expert reports the Chambers of Commerce and Industry help with difficult public investment decisions and are therefore of benefit to everyone involved in business activities in the region concerned. But also due to the fact that in the dialogue with the political decision-makers the Chambers of Commerce and Industry advocate reasonable tax burdens, for example, and a reduction in bureaucracy and/or tolerable environmental regulations, all companies have an advantage in the final analysis.
  • The work of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry also benefits every business which provides training – from the office clerk to the CEO. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry hold education seminar to advocate on sound educational policies every year, thereby ensuring a sound education for an effective workforce
  • In addition, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry offer very specific services: advice on setting up business, the provision of legal information and tax tips, as well as support with the establishment of foreign business contacts, are just a few of the many services on offer.

Will you send me information on visiting or living in Freetown, Sierra Leone?

How can I partner with SL Chamber to market my product/service?

If you are interested in partnering with SL Chamber of Commerce to market your product or service, you need to contact our Business Development office at +232 80 102 030

How can I advertise my product/service to SL Chamber members?

The SL Chamber does not advertise to members. However, we do provide organizations the opportunity to offer our members special discounts and to sponsor our print publications and the many events we have. For more information, please contact our Business Development officer at +232 80 102 030

Can you tell me if [COMPANY NAME] is a legitimate company?

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (SLCCIA) is not a government agency and therefore have no authority to investigate how companies conduct business. Your best sources for researching a business are the Corporate Affairs Commission or Registrar Generals’ Office or Consumer Protection Agency.

The Consumer Protection Agency has information on how to avoid scams and cheats, as well as tips on other consumer topics.

I've forgotten my membership number. How can I find out what it is?

There are several ways:

  • Fill out the Membership Number Inquiry Form and we’ll e-mail it to you.
  • Call +232 80 102 030 (SLCCIA Helpline) and a member service representative will provide you with your membership number.
  • Your member number can be found on the mailing address label of your monthly Free Enterprise print magazine or in the footer of the e-mail version.

What's the difference between the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and my Association?

SLCCIA work with all levels of government and concentrate its efforts on specific levels: Associations tend to focus on issues within the Association.

SLCCIA is not a governing body, hiring agent, or a regulatory agency for Local Trade Associations, and we have no say in how Local Trade Associations decide to run themselves. However, any Association can organize and support SLCCIA.

Can I get a list of SLCCIA Chamber members?

SLCCIA has a policy that forbids it not to distribute or make public information about our members. To find out if a specific company is a member, you will have to contact the company directly. You can also view our privacy policy

What benefits and services do I get as a member of SLCCIA?

A description of the membership benefits, discounts, and services is available here, or by contacting a member service representative at +232 80 102 030 (customer care unique number). Benefits vary slightly amongst the five membership categories: business, chamber of commerce, and association. To learn more about membership benefits, see our membership benefits page

How do I sign up for an event? Are they open to anyone?

Please check our calendar for upcoming events. You can register and submit payment for many of our events online, although not every event is open to the general public.

What kinds of organizations join SLCCIA?

All kinds. Businesses of every size and industry, as well as trade and professional associations.

Can you provide statistics for an industry?

Our Council members and policy experts work to create a favorable climate for business in Sierra Leone and around the world. We do not collect or provide information about specific industries. We also cannot provide help or advice to individual businesses.

The Ministry of Trade & Industry is a good resource for industry information. You might also try the official Statistics Sierra Leone website.

I am a student writing a paper about the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, where can I find information about your organization?

Our website should have all the information you need. Here are some useful links to get you started: For more information, please visit our library or head office at 24 Charlotte Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone or send us an email at

I am looking for a Sierra Leone Chamber publication or report.

Many of our publications can be found in our Library and our Reports and Studies, Publications and Historical records section. 

Are membership dues and other investments in the SLCCIA Chamber of Commerce tax deductible?

Contributions to SLCCIA are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  However, there are other business expenses that are tax deductible.  The SLCCIA does not solicit or accept funds earmarked for political purposes.

How big is Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture?

  • 415 member businesses
  • Four(4) Executive Council Members
  • Ten(10) Council officers
  • Nine(9) staff professionals
  • a budget of SLL 4.3 Billion per year and some volunteers.

Where is the Chamber located?

24 Charlotte Street
Central Business District
Sierra Leone

What does a membership cost?

Membership cost varies depending on the category choice. Please refer to our membership category schedule for additional information.

When are meetings held?

The council meets on the second Monday of every month at 3:30pm local time at the Chamber Secretariat. General membership meetings are held quarterly. Kindly contact the secretariat or you will be notified in the “upcoming events” calendar

What’s the best way to get the most out of my membership?

This depends on the primary needs of your business. Many members find great value through participation in meetings and activities. The Chamber is the perfect place to make contacts with potential new customers. Please share with us your goals for involvement.

What if I am too busy to attend events?

As a business organization, we understand how busy your schedule can be. Your employees are welcome to attend, either in your place or with you. We strive to offer a variety of benefits in addition to events.

How can the young professionals from my company become involved in the Chamber?

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Young Professionals program is designed to provide professional, social and mentoring opportunities to those in their 20s and 30s who are looking forward improving their performance in their workplace; starting a business or in search of employment. We welcome the young professionals at your company to become involved in any of these activities.

How can I market through the Chamber?

  • Advertise in annual Membership Directory, monthly newsletter and electronic newsletter
  • Online directory enhancement listings and banner ads
  • Member announcements in the e-newsletter
  • Ribbon cuttings and grand openings
  • Host Chamber events and sponsors programs
  • Participate on a committee
  • Attend networking and member events
  • Donate prizes for Chamber events

Does the Chamber have any task forces or committees?

The Chamber has two permanent task forces:

  • Chamber Honorary Membersvolunteers who help members become engaged
  • Public Policy & Advocacy Committee– business representatives who monitor business legislative issues and advocate on behalf of Sierra Leone business community

What is the Chamber’s relationship with the Government of Sierra Leone?

The Chamber and members work closely with Government of Sierra Leone and other organizations in a number of ways. The Chamber works to provide economic development programs. Collaborating with our members, we also provide advice and opinions on a range of issues including Access to finance, roads, energy, transportation, taxation, land use, redevelopment, Environment and public safety etc.

Does the Chamber endorse candidates?

No. The Chambers’ policy is to study and take action on nearly every issue that affects your business or country. We leave the election of candidates to the membership. However, we provide information and forums for you and strongly encourage business people to support pro-business/Chamber candidates

Does the Chamber distribute or sell its membership list?

No. However, our business directory, with contact information for each member, is available online. View the Chamber’s complete Privacy Policy here and the FAQ here.

Can I send information about my business to the chamber membership?

Yes! We have several ways to get your message to our members: advertising in our publications, our e-newsletters, or our online business directory, or joining our Member-to-Member Marketplace on our website. We do not send member-specific information to our members. Contact a Membership Consultant today to find the right opportunity to suit your needs.

Who can attend Chamber events?

Anyone who is employed by a member company is eligible to attend Chamber events at member discount prices. Our events are also open to the general public for a future member rate. Select events are designated for members only and will be identified as such in the event online description.

Does the Chamber give out tourism information for Sierra Leone?

No. The Chamber refers tourism-related questions to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. For More information contact Ministry of Tourism at +232 80 102 030 (SLCCIA Helpline).

Can I add someone to my membership or the e-newsletter?

Certainly! To add someone to your membership or our e-newsletter mailing list, please contact us at +232 80 102 030 (SLCCIA Helpline), or via email at We will be happy to assist you in adding a new contact to your membership. Alternatively, you can sign up on our Homepage to receive our e-newsletter.

I need to update my account, who should I contact?

For all membership and account updates, such as changes to representatives or address information, please contact Amber, Member Services Specialist at +232 80 102 030 (SLCCIA Helpline), or via email at

What is the refund policy for memberships?

A membership with Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is an annual commitment, and regrettably, is non-refundable. When your membership is up for renewal, we require notification of your wish to cancel. One month before a membership is due to be renewed we will send you an invoice and a renewal letter. If you wish to cancel your membership, please let us know at that time and we will process your cancellation.

How can the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture help my business?

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture offer a wide variety of benefits to assist local businesses. Browse the website to learn more about the cost-saving discounts, networking opportunities, and opportunities for exposure. The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture is the voice of business in Sierra Leone and is always interested in hearing from its members on issues important to them.

Why do I have to pay an administrative fee when I join?

All new members of Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture are charged a one-time administrative fee. This fee covers the initial administrative resources to process the new membership.

I plan to attend an event and I have dietary restrictions. Who should I contact?

Send your dietary restrictions to the Business Development Manager email: associated with the event. This information will be located at the bottom of the event webpage.

Can I have/buy the Chamber’s mailing list database to send my own emails to the Chamber’s membership list?

No. The Chamber does not sell or give out its membership database. The member directory is searchable online.

What is the Chamber’s event cancellation policy?

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture accept written notice only for event ticket cancellations. Please refer to the cancellation policy in your email ticket confirmation.

Can I get a subscription to The Chamber Voice Magazine? How much does it cost?

Issues of the Chamber Voice Magazine are sent 4 times (every quarter) per year to representatives of each member company. The cost of the subscription is included in the annual membership fee. If you are not a member of the Chamber and wish to receive a copy of Chamber Voice Magazine, please contact Business Development at

How can I write for Chamber Voice Magazine?

There are two main ways to get mentioned in Chamber Voice Magazine. If a member organization has news to share with the membership, send a press release for inclusion in the For Immediate Release section of Chamber Voice. If you are a thought-leader in your industry and would like to write a non-promotional, educational article for Chamber Voice magazine, please submit this Trends Article for inclusion in an upcoming Chamber Voice magazine. Submission Guidelines can be found in Current & Past issues of the Chamber Voice section.

How do I place an ad in Chamber Voice magazine?

All advertising for Chamber print publications is facilitated through our business development office

How can I get word of my event to the Chamber membership?

The Chamber offers a discounted ad space in our newsletters. Alternately, you can advertise your events for free under the “In the open” section of our newsletter. Check out the advertising and sponsorship guide above.

Can you send an email about my event to the Chamber membership?

No. Due to the volume of requests we get from members and outside parties to access this list, we are not able to send emails on behalf of third parties.

Where can I promote my event online for free?

There are a number of ways to promote your event online for free. Members can leverage their Chamber membership by connecting with us online.

Twitter: Are you on twitter? Send a direct message @slccia and we will RT your tweets about your event!

Facebook: Create an event on Facebook and invite your friends! Or, post a message on the Chamber’s Facebook page.

LinkedIn: Post a discussion about your event on the Chamber’s LinkedIn Group.

How can I volunteer with the Chamber?

Employees of any Chamber member company can apply to volunteer on our task forces or Chamber ambassador committee. Please contact the Business Development Manager to inquire about volunteer engagement.

Do the Chamber’s Council members have offices at the Chamber?

No. The Chamber Council Members is comprised of volunteers who hold full-time positions at businesses. Information on our Council Members can be found under the “Overview of the Chamber” tab on the website homepage.

What is the role of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture?

The role of the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in achieving its vision is to build and strengthen the business culture through:

  • Member Services – Adding Value through Networking, Information and Member Benefits
  • Advocacy – The Voice of Business
  • Leadership – Shaping the Business Environment

Would the Chamber buy a table or otherwise sponsor an event?

While we, as a Chamber, are very supportive of many causes and events, we have to be very careful with partnering or supporting one event over another, no matter how worthy the cause. We must also be cautious of having our logo associated with events that we do not organize. We are a not-for-profit organization whose members pay membership to the Chamber to act on their behalf; the same businesses that you would be approaching for sponsorship and ticket sales. If we were seen to be supporting one, we would have to support all of them.