Business Services

Services offered by the Chamber Include:

  • Information services on business import/export.
  • Helping members solve problems with Government Departments, Industries, Local authorities and other bodies.
  • Issuing certificate of origin and the certificate of other export documents.
  • Certifying the authenticity of documents used in international trade such as invoices.
  • Issuing letters of introduction to members going abroad on business trips.
  • A business library has been set up containing current Trade Directives and Trade Magazines to provide a reference service to the Business Community.
  • An updated Database on Sierra Leone companies is being set up with facilities to retrieve information using various parameters. A number of other databases of relevance will be installed soon.

Business Matching

The Chamber provides your Business matching services to help you find a potential partner to start your business or to help further expand your business. This service is open to all business sectors and its primary purpose is to help meet our client’s objectives and changing needs. Here we offer you two kinds of business matching services.

General Business Matching

As a Member of the Chamber, you can easily find potential partners specific to your area of choice or sector. The Chamber will provide you with Companies that are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) or Registrar Generals’ Office and direct contact with the competent person. Additionally, the Chamber will be pleased to assist you with any other customized request.

Advance Business Matching

In addition to general business matching service, The Chamber can help you organize one on one business meeting with any companies of your interest. Please contact the Chamber to make the necessary arrangement you desire.

Business Trip Arrangement

The Chamber helps you to plan your business trip with less burden, time and money spent. We can help you arrange your trips through our experienced and professional staff thus giving you enough time to focus on your core business. The Chamber is host to professional and exceptional Hotels, guest houses, Restaurants, traveling agents with superior customer services combined with comfort all over the country. Through your membership, you can also enjoy discounted rates for accommodation. Kindly let us know if you would like us to accompany you to companies you would like to visit in the country. On the other hand, the Chamber has meeting rooms’ facilities equipped with video conference facilities to help you meet potential business partners at no cost or a minimal fee depending on the conference room of your choice.

Promotion and Advertising

The Chamber has dedicated its homepage to help enhance the immediate visibility of your product or service to potential customers visiting the website. The Chamber also organizes trade fairs and adopts other publication tools to help spread your business. Please contact the Chamber and tell us about your business, target market, customers and we can offer you one of many ways through which we will serve you our very best.

Market Research and Advisory

Is there an activity that you would like to start but you haven’t had enough time or money for? Contact the Chamber and we can help you with the required information to lift your business. Becoming a member of the Chamber you will get to know your market segmentation, trends and future forecast which will considerably help you determine the success of your business or organization in terms of cost-benefit.