Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is an association of local and international entrepreneurs and enterprises operating in Sierra Leone with a common goal to explore opportunities for shared gain in investment, promotion and business development. The Chamber does not interfere in the administrative affairs of members’ businesses except when this is specifically requested by individual members. Membership is optional in Sierra Leone. At the moment there are 415 Members in the Chamber.


Our vision is to be the leading pivot for the local Business Community by promoting Commercial, Industrial and agricultural growth through Private Sector engagements and support.

Mission Statement

To promote the interest of members by:

  • Encouraging all sector of the business community to support and participate in the activities of the chamber in order to highlight their needs and problems
  • Providing a network of national business contacts and opportunities including international trade services.
  • Providing range of up to date information services.
  • Supporting the provision of an increasing range of training at all levels.
  • Organizing and participating in a full range of promotional activities both nationally and regionally.
  • Improving the perceived role and value of the private sector.
  • Influencing investment decision making for the benefit of Sierra Leone.
  • Advancing the interest of Sierra Leone in International Business.
  • Mobilizing business skills and concept in joint venture partnership.
  • Working with other like organizations in Sierra Leone, within the region and internationally.


Membership of the Chamber is open to all registered merchants, bankers, insurers, manufacturers, trading associations and other professional bodies being principals or agents interested in trade, commerce, agriculture, shipping, transportation, communication, industry and general development and welfare of Sierra Leone. Membership fees are calculated on the basis of the member’s business.

Events and Business Services

The Chamber regularly organizes events to create opportunities for promotion, networking and development. Some of our functions include seminars, conferences, workshops, debates, Video-conferences; symposiums, Trade fairs, Training courses, Company presentation, Participation in Investment forums and Investment promotions.

We provide professional consulting services aimed at assisting Companies to pursue business opportunities in Sierra Leone. We also provide businesses with:

  • information and documentation on business import/Export;
  • Business contacts with national and international companies, institutions, organizations (trade mission and business partnerships),
  • Issuing of Certificate of Origin;
  • certifying the authenticity of documents used in international trade;
  • Commercial arbitration;
  • Providing Business Counselors,
  • Business Library,
  • Issuing letters of introduction to members going abroad on business trips,
  • Issuing certificate of membership,
  • Help members solve problems with Government Departments, Industries, Local authorities and other bodies.

The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture constitutes a Membership of approximately 415 businesses, a four-man Chamber Executive,10 Council members and 8 Ex-officio members.

Chamber Sources of Revenue

The Chamber main source of revenue is derived from membership subscription. Other sources of revenue for the Chamber include fees charged for various services such as issuing of certificate of Origin, the authentication of invoices, higher fees for the use of the Chamber’s Boardroom for meetings, profit from the Chamber’s Trade Fair and Exhibition Annual Dinner and Business Luncheons, and a percentage of the Chamber’s Board fees are paid to representatives of the Chamber Servicing Board Committee Organization and Management.

The Chamber General Assembly

The chamber is directed by the general assembly and its elected council. The General Assembly, representing member businesses, meets quarterly. It is the supreme authority of the Chamber. At the Annual General Meeting of the Chamber, a President, First and Second Vice Presidents and members of the council are elected. The Council consists of about 25 members, ten elected members, the President, First and Second Vice President, Treasurer and Past Presidents who are ex-officio members. Other members are co-opted to serve in the Council. The Council meets once a month and its meetings are chaired by the President of the Chamber. The Council decides on policy issues of the Chamber, appoints members to committees to deal with specific subjects and issues.

Chamber Representation

The Chamber has representation in a number of Government Communities, statutory bodies, and corporations, and in this way makes its own contribution towards the efficient administration of Sierra Leone. Once every year, the Chamber holds its Annual Dinner to which the Head of State is invited together with the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Trade and a number of prominent personalities. Customarily, the President of the Chamber gives a speech at the dinner which pin-points those matters which the Chamber considers important in the interest of the National Economy and the Head of State or his representative’s response to this speech usually gives some indication of current or future Government policy on the issues raised in the President’s speech. The Chamber represents the interest of the Business Community, at local levels. The Chamber is in a position to obtain information from many sources and convey these to the members on request, providing services to its members, including service dealing with trade promotion.